DORRIE PAYNTER Founder and Head Honcho
Dorrie has over twenty years of experience in qualitative research. She earned her Master Moderator certificate at the RIVA Moderator Training Institute in Maryland and was a trainer there for several years. Elected to the international Board of Directors of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) for four years, Dorrie has been a speaker for the QRCA and the American Marketing Association multiple times. She is the Chairperson of the QRCA's Technology Committee.

Prior to starting Leapfrog Marketing Research, Dorrie worked in the New York advertising industry where she managed the Oxy Acne Medicine and Instant Quaker Oatmeal accounts at Jordan, McGrath, Case & Taylor. She graduated from Middlebury College and began her career in advertising at DDB Needham Worldwide on the Mobil Oil and Clairol accounts.

STEVE POLLOCK: Partner, Senior Moderator and Strategist
Steve is a seasoned market researcher with specialties in Japanese business, corporate recruiting and small businesses. He conducts both qualitative and quantitative research. Steve started his career with Mitsubishi International Corporation in New York, and after business school he co-founded WetFeet, Inc., a pioneering firm in the recruitment software and services industry. He holds a degree in East Asian studies from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford.


MICHAEL HILLS: Quantitative Guru
Michael knows how to work a database like no one you have met before. He uses qualitative research to create incredible quantitative models to aid in strategic objective setting, value proposition optimization, and optimal leveraging of client organizational, human, and information resources. Michael's specialties include helping manufacturing and service organizations market technically-rich products and services to governments, businesses, and end users.


JANE TAYLOR: Analyst Extraordinaire
How do we get from all those hours of interviews and pages of transcripts to those actionable insights and top-notch reports? We have a secret weapon! Jane, P&G trained and in the business for over 20 years, carefully dissects each and every word, gesture and raised eyebrow and helps to pull it all together into something you and your whole team will be able to easily read, comprehend and act upon. After all, if you conduct all that research and can't figure out what to do next, what good is it?

MARGO KIMBALL: Recruiting Genius
What kind of respondents do you need for your research? Margo can find them! Margo has worked with LMR for over 13 years and does an outstanding job finding the people we want in our research studies whether they are in-person, online, in the US, or overseas. Better yet, not only does she find the best people, she also has the best show rates. Margo holds an MBA from Wharton.