Online methodologies have opened up a whole new world of qualitative research opportunities, and Leapfrog Marketing Research has been a pioneer in this area. We offer a wide range of online qualitative methodologies to shed light all kinds of marketing dilemmas.

Some of the studies we have conducted using online qualitative approaches include:

· Explored the consumer experience of flying to Hawaii on a particular airline using online ethnographies and photo journals

· Generated feedback on a number of design ideas for an online grocery store via discussion boards

· Helped a political action group understand the most compelling argument supporting their position by exposing a variety of different commercials, print ads, brochures and positioning statements via a week-long discussion board

· Discussed the challenges of the college recruiting process with guidance counselors from the 15 largest school districts across the country

· Monitored consumer experiences with a new technology
using a six-month panel with online and in-person components

For more information, read Dorrie Paynter interviewed in Quirk's Marketing Research Review: Technology brings efficiency, opportunity to qualitative researchers and clients