Not everyone has the experience, know-how or energy to enjoy working with youth, but we do and have been doing so for years! By being able to build rapport quickly and employing age-appropriate techniques, we get the information you need to answer your marketing and product development questions with youth and parents.

Some of the projects we have conducted:

· Parent/child pair interviews and play testing a new toy with kids age 3-5

· Web site usability interviews with 3-7 year olds on a web site for a toy brand

· Taste test of a new frozen novelty with 7-14 year olds

· Shop-the-shelf exercise for hand held electronics with tween girls

· Concept development groups with tweens discussing plans for a new web site being developed in conjunction with popular TV shows

· Extended in-home taste test with new snack food followed by in-person groups with parents and teens

· Online groups with teen cell phone users to aid in development of new music applications

· Copy testing print ads with new parents

· Focus groups with parents to explore their interest in various potential tools to enhance the online shopping process