Food and beverage projects require a special knack for getting participants to discuss food in ways they may not have thought about before. What exactly does that taste like? How would you describe how it feels on your tongue? How does that food and its package appeal to you visually? We have a wide range of experience in this area including:

· Week-long in-home taste test with new snack food, followed by in-person groups to discuss experience

· Category exploratory in frozen desserts for possible new product introduction

· In-depth exploratory to identify opportunities for brand expansion

· Mini-groups to discuss reactions to new display options for fresh prepared food in a grocery store

· Package development and logo communication research with spice product

· Exploration of elementary school kids' understanding of nutrition and the benefits of fruits and vegetables

· Webcam interviews to explore usability of new web site for popular food brand

· Web site assessment for food brand expanding into new countries

· Taste tests with alcoholic cider